From the serene landscapes of Arizona to China and the vibrant streets of Harlem, my journey as a filmmaker, artist, and storyteller has been as diverse as the stories I tell. Born amidst the quiet beauty of the desert, I developed an early eye for capturing life's poignant moments, a skill that has been my compass in my travels and work.
At 18, my passion for storytelling took me to China, where I immersed myself in the language and culture, contributing to major publications like JinWan Media Group and collaborating with leading tech companies like NetEase and Tencent. This chapter was more than a geographical move; it was a transformative experience that honed my narrative skills and deepened my appreciation for diverse perspectives.
Returning to the U.S., I settled in Harlem, a melting pot of stories waiting to be told. Here, I've built a career as a filmmaker, producer, and sound mixer. My work is influenced by the varied experiences of my past. Each project I undertake is an opportunity to explore narratives that resonate and connect with audiences on a deeper level.
"The Space Between," a documentary exploring the lives of children raised by same-sex parents, epitomizes my approach to storytelling: authentic, sensitive, and always aiming to shed light on underrepresented voices. This project is a reflection of my commitment to telling stories that are not just heard but felt.
Education has been a cornerstone of my journey. In 2023, I graduated with a BFA in Film Production from The City College of New York, where I was recognized as a Kaye Scholar and an NBCU Academy Fellow. These accolades are not just titles, but affirmations of my dedication to my craft. Prior to The City College of New York, I attended Tianjin Foreign Studies University where I gained a certificate in Chinese Language.
My work has found platforms on Roadtrip Nation and HarlemView, and my association with the Reveal Center for Investigative Reporting has allowed me to delve into journalism, addressing crucial issues like educational disparities.
My technical expertise spans various domains:
Content Making: With over 15 years of experience, I've shot/edited video content for films, YouTube, and commercials, mastering tools like AVID and Premiere.
Audio Editing: My decade-long journey in audio editing encompasses films, podcasts, live events, and YouTube, with proficiency in ProTools, Audacity, and Audition.
Photography: Specializing in event and landscape photography, I've captured musicians and travel landscapes for 15 years, bringing stories to life through my lens.
Journalism: My 10 years in journalism have been spent editing for major state-owned publications, where I've honed my ability to convey stories with clarity and impact.
To discover more about my work and journey, check out my IMDb.
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