Born amidst Arizona's desert vistas and later venturing into the dynamic urban landscapes of China, Bryce Cristiano has charted an intriguing path as a filmmaker and artist. Now based in Harlem, he continues to craft stories that resonate and inspire.
Growing up in Arizona, Bryce always exhibited a discerning eye for capturing life's poignant moments—be it through moving images or still photographs. At 18, his passion took him to China, immersing himself in its vibrant culture, language, and tales. This transformative phase not only saw him contributing to major magazine publications but also collaborating with tech giants like NetEase, ByteDance, Tencent, nVidia, and miHoYo.
Relocating to Harlem marked a new chapter in Bryce's life. Now, he stands as a multifaceted filmmaker, producer, and sound mixer. His diverse experiences influence his unique approach to storytelling. A nationally recognized scholar from Arizona, Bryce is unerringly drawn to narratives that resonate deeply. His documentary, "The Space Between", is a testament to this, shedding light on the lives of children with same-sex parents, presenting their stories with both tenderness and authenticity.
In 2023, Bryce earned a BFA in Film Production from The City College of New York, coupled with distinguished titles like the Kaye Scholar and an NBCU Academy Fellow. His works have been showcased on eminent platforms such as Roadtrip Nation and HarlemView. Furthermore, his association with the Reveal Center for Investigative Reporting has enabled him to address educational disparities through his reports.

Content Editing:
15 years of experience editing video content for films, YouTube and commercials using AVID and Premiere.
Audio Editing:
10 years experience in audio editing for films, podcasts, live-events and YouTube channels using ProTools, Audacity, and Audition.
15 years in event and landscape photography, specializing in musicians and travel.
10 years in journalism and editing for major state-owned publications.
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